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OP, you probably should've kept this thread in the Panther forums or not posted, since most people here no nothing of Cam Newton except for the articles that were posted after the NYG game.

The people in this thread are likely to go on about his:
-win/loss ratio
-ability to be a leader/team player

The fact of it is they know nothing about him.

-They'll rag on Newton for his intelligence, but have absolutely nothing to say he's stupid or smart (he scored a 21 on his wonderlic, which is slightly under average, but not terrible).
-They'll say he's immature for things like a TD celebration (despite the fact that tons of players do it and his doesn't offend anyone), or his demeanor in post-game losses (because I guess they want a QB who loves to lose).
-They'll bash his win-loss ratio without ever looking at how many games Carolina's defense/special teams/coaches have lost over the last two years.
-They'll make up imaginary ego problems, despite the fact that he has none that anyone can see. If they kept up with him the way Panther fans do they'd know this. He's never had a teammate complain about him (except when Smitty called him out on sulking, which Newton thanked him for, what an egotistical maniac, right?).
-They'll question his ability to lead, despite the fact that he's put the team in position to win so many games, but other parts of the team that he has no control over has lost the game for them. His teammates all love him and do not doubt him.

tl;dr, just watch his games and make your own intelligent opinion of him rather than spamming "durr SCAM Newton is at it again with his damn celebrations and trying to kill our children, ruing the game, he's a thug, and dumb, I saw his highlight reel one time," bull-****.