First post/thread, whatever you wanna call it, so don't kill me......But I want to know what other people's thoughts are on Cam Newton....Is this merely a sophmore slump? Or was last year a miracle, and it's only gonna get worse?

*Personally, I beleive that A) Cam does have some growing up to do. B) Ron Rivera is lost in the sauce and C) The panthers defense is abismal.....However, I honestly beleive that with a new head coach, and some added peices on offense (WIDE RECEIVERS), Cam will regain his thunder and in a couple years be considered an elite QB. He has all the potential in the world. From a cannon for an arm, RGIII-esque scrambling ability, and a 6'6'' stature.

What are your guys' honest opinions on the future of Mr. Cam Newton?