I know that it's the time of year to get caught up in transactions. However the most important thing for us to be successful in 13 is our core.

Our core needs to bounce back. I personally expect them to bounce back. Maybe a huge part of their failures was Bobby V. I know that for me personally when I have a bad boss, I don't give my all. When I have a boss i respect I would do anything for them. I think that factor has to be factored into the equation here.

Lester is still our best pitcher. I know he had a bad season, but I can't see him repeating it.

Buchholz enjoyed his best success under Farrell. He preached keeping the ball down. Let's face it Clay should some pretty impressive stuff down the stretch. I personally don't think that was an aberration. I think it's safe to expect a very good season out of him.

Bard was a mystery. I really don't know what was wrong with him. I wonder if it was that he exhausted his arm early in the year. If he can bounce back and get his fastball back to 98 then he will be a great set up man again.

Another big factor is the development of our younger players. They need to take the right steps this off season.

Middlebrooks was great for us offensively, however defensively played not as good as he can. He needs to work hard this off season and not have a sophomore slump.

Kalish has all this talent, but hasn't lived up to it. He also needs to put in the proper work.

Lavarnway is a very hard worker, and i expect a very good season out of him.

There obviously is more players to talk about.

What do you guys think? Am I the only that believes its up to the guys we've got on our roster now? Or is it that they are in decline/peaked and just aren't good enough.

I'm optimistic about our season next year. I'm not saying we will win the W.S. However if our core players bounce back and the young guys take steps towards their potential then playoffs is not out of the question.