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I hate that ****. Also there's this one girl that posts statuses about the Giants and 49ers all the time and is so annoying. I don't have a problem with people posting that, but she takes it too the extreme. It's a paragraph long and always says, "Keep it up G-men!", "Keep it up red and gold!", "Show your heart, show your skill, show them how San Francisco does it!" Stuff like that. It's so annoying.
It would've annoyed me a little, especially when you can just say "Let's go Giants" or "Let's go 49ers." I hate to see what happens if I were to rip on either the Giants or 49ers. Like I said, you can't really stop people from posting what they want. What bothers me is how people ***** and complain over other people's statuses. That's just me. Lucky for me, I don't have many friends who are guilty of it.

Didn't a while back, you said that you have this friend who would constantly update her status about what she's doing at the moment?