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    Quote Originally Posted by THE MTL View Post
    Gasol's value has fallen out the sky. Seriously, his numbers are horrible, benched in the 4th multiple times, shut down cause of bad knees, motivation is always in question.

    As a Knick fan, I actually rather wait till Amare comes back and see what he brings. I mean my dude had a horrible season last year and put up 17ppg 8rpg on 50% FG......Lakers wish Gasol was doing that this year.
    This exactly

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    Quote Originally Posted by bholly View Post
    This rumour cracks me up each time. Even if it's true, it's such a dumb trade. The Lakers seem to want someone who can spread the floor, keep up in transition, and play D, while the Knicks are at their best with Melo at the 4 and their whole problem is trying to not suck with him at the 3 and someone clogging the paint between him and Chandler.
    So how are Amar'e and Pau solutions to each team's problem? Seems like a rumour borne out of storyline and intellectual laziness (and, in the past, wishful thinking on the part of Knicks fans desperate to shed Amar'e's contract) rather than it actually making sense.
    This thread should have ended here.

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