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He would have to get 200 hits this year and 197 hits next year for 3,000.

At his age, it's possible..but HIGHLY unlikely.

He had 184 hits in 2011 and 178 in 2012. His hits have gone down every year since 2009. I don't see them going back up.
I'm not saying he will get 400 hitsr the next two seasons, but when you look at those numbers you have to calculate for the fact that Ichiro was probably hitting behind one of the worst lineups in the majors. How well would you do having 8 guys hitting behind you with a .200 batting average? I don't have any hard facts to back me up, but I highly doubt ichiro saw one good pitch to hit during his last two seasons in Seattle. That coupled with simple boredom may have contributed to his lackluster numbers. When he came to the yankees and was much better protected in in the lineup and had the chance to actually play for something he looked like the old Ichiro.