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I get what you're saying, but as the market of these below average players drys up, it might make Cashman and Brothers NEED to make a deal...I am kind of glad all the Keppingers, Schierholtz, Chavez types are not signing. It makes them be creative and not just sign 1 year stop gaps.

Plus, Reynolds would not be bad and has a higher OBP than Ichiro*... *footnote: credit goes to Ry!
Ichiro sucks. People can't get over it. He was vastly overrated in his prime and is now a shell of that. He's a backup, a plan C. He should not be a starting OFer.

People are making fun of Schierholtz, yet he's been a better player than Ichiro the last 2 seasons. They're calling into question Reynolds OBP, yet Reynolds has a better OBP than Ichiro, and has also been the better offensive player.