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What is the major reason that a team earns revenue? The answer is winning. Does Taj help the Bulls win games? Yes, he normally does. Thus, indirectly he increases the revenue of the team.

You take things so far and grandiose that it's hilarious when you're proven wrong, yet again

Taj will never be a good shooter. But i'm still holding out hope he'll be respectable and get up to the 38% range from 10-23 feet. That's all he needs to do... make 2/5 shots from those ranges a game. Let's hope he pulls it together and actually adjusts his mechanics because, while i don't believe mechanics have to be "right," I do believe that bad mechanics only work for certain individuals.
Yet, you kind of tried to belittle me for suggesting the same...

I like Taj, and of course it's not exactly death to your jumper if you have the high arc. But the point I was making, is not many are truly able to harness that, and often it portends poor %