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    Taj unsure why he was ejected

    Taj Gibson still isn't exactly sure why he was tossed from the Bulls' 93-85 victory over the Knicks on Saturday night at the United Center.

    The forward drew a double-technical late in the second quarter after arguing a loose-ball foul and official Derrick Stafford gave the fourth-year pro the heave-ho.

    "I called him by his name (saying), 'Derrick, there were some tough calls early,' " Gibson said. "I just expressed my opinion. I said, 'you have to watch, it's real physical' and he just turned and T'd me up. I said, 'are you serious?' and he T'd me up again. Boom."

    The fact the Bulls overcame the absence of Gibson to record their third consecutive victory helped ease the pain of the abrupt dismissal.

    "He must have just felt I had an attitude," Gibson said. "I'm not even a guy who causes trouble. I ask questions the whole game. I smile. For me to get two (technicals), I was shocked. I was in the back like, 'did that really just happen?'"

    Teammate Luol Deng said the game between the Eastern Conference rivals was physical from the early stages.

    "It was one of those games early on--a lot of complaining and talking back and forth and the game got out of control," Deng said. "Taj lost his temper and then got thrown out. I talked to him afterward and said, 'if you play in the league long enough, you're going to get thrown out. Don't worry about it.' "

    Gibson said from now on he'll stop being such an inquiring mind, leaving it up to coach Tom Thibodeau.

    "I'm going to let 'Thibs' ask the questions for me," Gibson said.,1198171.story

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    Because he is black.

    I missed the first half What did he even do.
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    I know he gave the ref a Go to Hell look but I didn't think that would have been enough for an ejection. I figured he said one of the magic words but doesn't sound like it here. Nat3 was cussing because he got fouled it looked like in the series of events leading up to the ejection. Maybe the ref thought it was Taj.

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    I'm unsure as well.

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    The refs were pure trash

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    He got Tim Duncan'd

    It's amazing what wade and lebron can get away with but taj even looks at a ref the wrong way and its an ejection

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    Taj is a bully and everyone knows it

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    it was absolutely an absurd ejection. Even if he had a Sheed like reputation around the league with refs it was a BS ejection and he has no negative reputation at all.

    horrible reffing

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    Refs in that game in general were putrid. That charge call against Nate was just plain ******** (defender was in the circle, and stood diagonally, AND the original call was a block). Nice to see NBA officiating continuing to suck without any changes in the forecast.

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