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    Never said he's gonna be exceptional... By no means yes we're giving up a good first baseman but first isn't that hard...It was more a long lines if there was a good first baseman looking for a 1 year but not much besides laroche on free agency. So nm nix the idea.

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    Move jeter to catcher

    Welcome home, Urban

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    Yeah, let's take a guy who is already struggling with the bat for a few years now, and further screw him up by now making him adjust to a whole new position. And then make him cover up for Jeter's lack of range.

    Sounds good, let's do it..

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    I wanna think of a ridiculous and funny way to say no..but i'll just say this...slap yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6cadi6 View Post
    Worked in Detroit. IJS
    not the same. Cabrera played 3B at the MLB level in Miami. Tex ahsn;'t played 3rd since college or his early minor league days. plus moving miggy didnt leave a hole at first for detriot as they had prince in place and miggy was never a great fielding first baseman. not even remotely compareable
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