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Completely agree and that for me was the saddest part of the loss yesterday. I mean I ofcourse hoped they'd win, but Falcons at their home is a tough one... But the way the team lost was just unbelievable. I mean we can talk about Fewell and Gillbride not doing their job and the schemes being wrong and all that, but when your (supposed to be top of the bill) DE gets manhandled by a freakin light-weight RB then there just is an attitude problem. Every Falcons-fan was talking about their below-par O-line and we were hardly able to pressure Ryan, that's no coaching-fault to me, that's just cockyness and a lack of spirit and commitment of the players. They acted like it was a freakin pre-season game!
I'll say it again, I miss Spags. Not just his scheme, but the fact that he allowed every player to do what they do best and he went into every game with an upbeat confidence and aggressive playcalling.