Tom Haudricout has on his twitter that teams have called on Maldonado, but Melvin isn't really interested in moving him since we don't really have a backup catcher. I'm not saying we need to move him and I really like him. He's a great defensive catcher that throws with the best of them, and he isn't a complete hack at the plate. He has nice pop and hits the ball fairly well, especially for a catcher.

However, if the right deal came along, I would obviously have to consider it. Having 2 very good catchers with holes at other positions is like having the worlds best insurance policy on a 1995 Saturn. If we have to sacrifice at the backup catcher position to get another good impact player, its something I think we need to look at. What would have to be offered for you guys to consider dealing him?

Also, if you had to guess, what do you think teams are offering for him?