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    Quote Originally Posted by GGGGG-Men View Post
    What drives me nuts is that they seem to get wayyy too careful in the redzone. Inside the 20 even on 3rd and long they're throwing short, playing for FGs. They'll take a shot at the endzone from the 45 yd line, but not from the 20. They have some solid possession guys (Randle, Nicks, Bennett)....put the ball up!
    that's kind where i miss the elements of 2010 gutsy Eli....tried to make a play even when things looked horrible.IDK, i refuse to comment on the Giants other than saying I Love the Giants...just gonna sit and watch...
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    Kevin Gilbride or not. Giants have a top 5 pass offense. I mean numbers went down due to Nicks injury but they are def top 5 duo! Gilbride needs to trust Eli n his WRs n let em FLY. I mean damn

    Run game is awesome n needs to be run at times to help keep things balanced but our offense needs to be tweaked a bit...70ish pass n w.e left run

    And where n what happened to the play action pass. We used to run those type of plays a lot. I know giants run game isn't threatening but still respected I'm sure. I hope.

    Eli needs to be more aggressive. Let it fly!!

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