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    Quote Originally Posted by JNoel View Post
    We have done nothing since winning the last World Series to my recollection. At least some of these horrid teams have a bright future unlike the Marlins currently.

    And yet it could be a lot worse. I'm sure the pirates or royals would like to have one of those rings. If the marlins weren't going to win with the players they had, why not made the deals and build up the farm system again? The marlins may have had some bad teams, but more often than not they were competitive within the division using their own young talent. That strategy worked and they should try to get back to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nr19 View Post
    Don't know why people are upset to see he may be traded. IMO it actually makes more sense to trade him than keep him.
    Thank you. I agree 100%. It isn't as if keeping/trading Escobar will make a difference on making the playoffs or not. They will stink either way.

    -The guy is 30 so by the time the Marlins are relevant again, he will be on the downside.
    -The fact that he is affordable for 3 years makes him appealing to ALL teams in need of a SS. Not just those with a big payroll.
    -Personally, I am not huge on Escobar so if they can cash in on the dearth of available SS talent, now is the time.

    With that said, I don't think it would be a bad idea to wait until the deadline. Also, they don't need to give him away. I know they won't get a huge package, but at least a couple good specs.

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    I really hope the A's don't go for him...

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    suffolk county, li ny
    They have passed the mets for worst franchise in the MLB ...possibly all of sports

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffy25 View Post
    I can see the Rays getting Escobar honestly.
    Rays make some sense. I think the Cubs do as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thomass View Post
    yea must be rough after winning two world series. the marlins appraoch is totally flawed
    when was the last time they made the playoffs? almost ten years ago at this point right?
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