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    Quote Originally Posted by WAYNEBO View Post
    We gotta keep this kid under wraps until the playoffs. Can't let em scout him too much.

    Hustle with the Muscle.
    I want to agree, but maybe he'll do better by getting some burn right now...

    Still, i think his true role will come playoff time. I got the feeling this is a guy who could potentially swing a playoff series (with this particular team). This team lacks volume scorers (we've seen what happens when JR and Felton are off) and Cope could be that bench scorer that can go inside-out.

    I like him and hope he keeps getting playing time. With him getting minutes, Stat & Sheed should stay fresh for the post-season.

    When Novak's off, I wouldn't hesitate to sub in Cope for him.

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    Nice bench player to have. That's about it. Lets just hope he can absord the regular season rest minutes for Camby, Wallace, and Thomas. Simple as that.
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    12 dress right?

    Its December, right?

    Amare due back in 3 weeks, and Shump 4 or 5, right?


    Ray, Kidd, Prigs, Brewer, Iman, JR, Melo, Novak, Sheed, Amare, Camby, Chandler

    Can anyone and I mean anyone see any of these guys not dressing for games?

    Only way he suits up is if someone gets hurt or Woody says take the night off.

    So answer to the thread, no Copesanity will probably not happen.

    Just a note, notice Kurt wasn't in the dressing guys?

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    Just to add to the above post, that is one hell of a 12 man roster lol..........

    And even if Cope dressing how many play in a rotation? 9-10?

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    Jan 2012
    i say trade him for a second round pick,we drafted fields two years ago maybe we can find something good,there is no reason to keep him because we have too many players that can play there(amare-melo-wallace-thomas),also he is overrated,he only played good in garbage time and against the suns that are horrible...

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    don't start this nonsense

    Quote Originally Posted by CousinsEvansDUO View Post
    Not going to read your posts or respond to them because judging by your sig you are a clueless nutjob. That girl is a 7/10 and you probably think shes a 10. Which means IRL you must be a 5/10 and sorry no offense bro but I don't talk to 5/10s or below, and by bro I mean never my bro.
    CousinsEvansDUO doesn't think i'm hot..

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    lol. Copeland is going to come up big in the playoffs? Were gonna play 8-9 dudes in the playoffs. Copeland isn't sniffing the court in the postseason unless Melo, Amare, Wallace, and Novak all go down.

    Since when does your 14th or 15th man come up big or get PT in the playoffs?

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    Somehow I think Copeland will play significant minutes. I have seen what he can do. I just got that feeling.

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