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It isn't all Ponders fault,,,that if for sure,,,I really put him under the microscope this game and Ponder is still underperforming but there is so much more that is wrong with our passing game than our QB. He has lost all confidence thats for sure, his planting of his feet when he is flustered is terrible.
Here is what Ponder's whole situation comes down to for me. We could pick it to death for a list of things that he's not doing right, but here's what I think is breaking his back right now and could make him at least a starting caliber QB once he gets it figure out (if he does).

What it comes down to is he's executing incorrectly on his throws. In all three of his latest INTs (including the game killers in GB) Ponder found himself in a situation where he decided to throw the pass. I'm going to agree with his decision making on all three of them. All three times he found open Vikings receivers (which is a rarity in itself) and like VCU has been saying earlier, when a QB finds himself in this kind of situation, he's not supposed to look for a guy who's more open, he's not even supposed to wonder "Is this guy open enough?" its just supposed to be OPEN RECEIVER-THROW THE BALL. In two of these three passes, if the ball was thrown right, he would have scored a TD. What happened in all three of these situations is that he did not make the correct throw to actually get a good play. Also if I'm not mistaken he was running on two of these three plays and didn't set his feet.

I don't buy for a second that his arm isn't strong enough either, because he's made those passes before. That was a really well thrown pass he had to Aromashodu (who was interfered with by the way) who just didn't come down with it. The player who threw that pass to Aromashodu WAS capable of making the pass to Wright which was intercepted. He didn't make it because he did not make the correct throw. The pass to Rudolph in Green Bay that was picked off, it could have been set up the same way as his TD pass to Rudolph (which wasn't very long but was an absolute LASER), it wasn't and ended up an INT. This is what's killing him right now, he fixes that he can keep being as skittish as he wants to be and all the other little things, two of his last three INTs are TDs and his passing has just won two games.

Its disturbing to see this kind of mistake in a guy who has as many starts/snaps as Ponder, but this is something that's very coachable and shouldn't be too hard to correct (depending of course on Ponder).