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Probably not, unless it is a contending team that would also like the security of extending him before another team can sign him.

Oh please. They could care less. And by 2014, there will only be 6-7 players from 2013. Everyone else is a free agent after 2013.
Lol they could care less? Are ppl forgetting the players on the team that got their panties in a bunch when Generation Trey was struggling. Do ppl for how unsettling it was for those players to miss the playoffs. If they traded Cano and brought in Hamilton they probably wouldn't care but anything short of that and they wouldn't be happy about it. Andy and Mo didn't re-sign in order to see the best player on the team get traded for minor league players.

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I've said it before. I would have rather extended Granderson and Swisher vs. losing those 2 and keeping Cano.

We just let our second best offensive player walk. What do the players think about that?
The second best still isn't the best on team. Besides you don't think the players are wondering who is going to catch or play RF. When guys get into their 30s the just want to win nothing else. The last thing they want to do is rebuild.