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Give him 7/175 he's earned it. Would he take it? Idk
no way, that would put him at 39 making $25m... i'm sick of watching old, slow one dimensional players eating up all our salary.

big contracts in baseball simply DONT WORK... And Cano has never been a TRUE ELITE hitter. he's only hit 30 HR's ONCE, he's never had an OBP higher than .380. Those are very good numbers, but not franchise type numbers. At least Arod was a 40-50 hr .400 OBP 1.000+ OPS player...like Pujols and Hamilton. Cano has never sniffed those numbers.

we need to rebuild, trade Cano & Curtis... add some dynamics to our offense.

Trade the "stars" when its time to pay them huge money... the thing is these star players get huge contracts to play in their post prime years, its so reversed. Meanwhile the team that drafted them gets prime years for next to nothing.