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    Can you blame anybody for wanting to get off of the Lions?

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    I just don't think Young knows how to handle losing. He played on winning teams in College and now he is playing on a losing team and he just doesn't know how to deal with it. Some team will take a chance on him but the dude has a lot of maturing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Think View Post
    Can you blame anybody for wanting to get off of the Lions?
    if he'll pull that crap there, you have to assume he would pull it anywhere. pas sahrdcore on titus young
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    No way want young. Ted wouldn't consider this anyway.

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    TT would rather draft a 6th round high character WR than ever take a douche bag like Titus Young....
    The Packers locker room is not what Young needs. Matter of fact I doubt any locker room in the NFL needs this head case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lol, please View Post
    Its debatable within our fan base just how much Kaepernick's improved, and if it will be sustained or not, but what no one has had the nerve to say is that he hasn't improved at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    He isn't improved at all

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