Batman and Robin...lets all pretend that Dumerville is a slouch, im sure he has had hardly any impact on Millers contributions. Not like that guy is a feared pass rusher aswell..

I would never diss Derrick Thomas(im a KC fan) but lets be honest..he played in a system that favored OLBs to get sacks...Denver doesnt have a DE who they are dropping back anytime to play alot of times your going to get Miller matched up on a RB, if that...theres generally 4 guys going at the OL and Miller being a 5th..or Dumerville...the way Miller is used, I would expect him to get loads of sacks...

a 3-4 DE just doesnt EVER do what Watt is doing..I dont believe its close at all. thats just my opinion OLB who has more FFs than a DE is about 100% more common....that should be a guarantee..regardless of sack numbers.

Also, some of Watts PDs are not him jumping at the LOS and getting a hand on it...hes athletic enough to drop into if you want the more complete player? Easily Watt...but both as a 2nd year player are doing some amazing things..and are going to have some incredible futures...but its not close to me...Watt is in a tougher position as a 3-4 DE...not an OLB who ALWAYS has the advantage on the outside..but a DE who lines up face to face with OTs and OGs every play...what he is doing, is just unheard of..

BTW, Dumerville has more FF's than Miller, but with less sacks..does that make him a more efficient player? lol