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I am gonna have to disagree with you on CP3's accuracy just a bit. How many drops have the WRs/TEs/RBs had, and 3-5 have turned into INTs? Sure the INTs vs ATL and Cleveland were his fault, and against TB as well, but his comp. % would be A LOT higher w/o all those drops. He's the only thing standing betwixt us and 0-12.
Not going to deny that, but he throws a terrible ball man. It's not like his accuracy issues showed up in Oakland. Last week in the second half, I wanted to smash the TV when he threw the ball right to the DB... that killed a drive and was our time to take the lead. The majority of his INT's are right to the DB and WTF throws... And half the drops, while I agree should be cut down, are due to poor ball placement. Watch a NO game... Brees has great placement, and no matter what his WR's all come down with the ball. The continuity is what makes their relationship so great, and keeps the WR's looking for the ball constantly.