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Your state held a Republican primary, where an adult, with a track record of being an adult, particularly in defense and international affairs, was voted out in favor a Tea Party favorite, who lost. I guess I should say thank you, but what I really feel is that the Senate is a little smaller (at least in the short run, time will tell in the long run) and a person who one could count on is no longer there.

I don't know what the moral to the story is.
The moral of the story is easy. We as a nation need to do a better job at showing up and casting ballots every single time we are able. When you let a small fringe of the country more or less make the decision on who is going to be running in the general elections we have significant issues.

Also in such elections we need to find a way to step back from all the vitriol that is spewed by each side. Murdouck shot himself in the foot well before his rape comment when he trashed Lugar up one side down the other during the primary. With Lugar being a well respected man in this state that was a very poor choice. It poisoned the well of voters from the get go and was something he was never able to overcome.