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    Quote Originally Posted by sammyvine View Post
    Why do HEAT fans get to touchy?

    I bet most of these 'fans' were not even Heat fans before 2010.
    When the statement is directed at BKLYNKNICKS PSD's resident nutjob, its simply a jab at the guy not being touchy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KB-Pau-DH2012 View Post
    What is wrong with the mentality of Heat fans?

    The guy just got a prestigious award, but yet, you take more emotional pleasure and reward in what the haters will think and how they'll react as opposed to applauding and praising and placing your emotional happiness into the actual happy moment at hand and that's LeBron winning this honor.

    That is really really sad.
    I see what you did there... That reverse psychology isnt going to work on me pal but good try, and if im not mistaken your hate for the HEAT has been displayed countless times on these forums. So go try that kiddie **** elsewhere.
    "Ray Allen's first visit back to the TD Garden"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Im_in_Mia_bish View Post
    the cover photo looks pretty good, check out the story on ESPN or SI's website:

    Well deserved, NBA Champ, Oly Champ etc

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