It's obvious that Nnamdi is not the player we were expecting. That doesn't mean he's as bad as he looks. I don't think some people truly understand how terrible our safeties are. Couple that with the "defensive coordinators that don't know what they're doing" carousel and a coaching staff as a whole that has never been on the same page and don't even talk to each other on the sidelines, and it's not hard to see why our secondary is as god awful as it's been.

It's safe to say we're never going to see Oakland Nnamdi again, but I still refuse to believe he is as bad as he's looked during his time here. He's never had a chance to really settle in. DRC hasn't been that bad either. With a REAL defensive coordinator and REAL safeties, I want Nnamdi and DRC to be on this team next year. I truly believe they can still be a great tandem under the right circumstances. Unless there is a clear cut better option at the corner position, we could definitely still do a lot worse than what we have.

Think about it. Our safeties are pure garbage, and we could not get pressure on QB's to save our lives all season long. How many corners do you think are gonna thrive under those circumstances in a pass happy league?