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IMO, your not putting enough into it. Regardless, there is a reason why the cowboys wanted him in the 90's. there is a reason the patriots, a world class orginazation kept him has long has he would stay there. there is a reason they wanted him back there. and a reason why we took him back.

i know superbowls aint everything.

1 superbowl, ok who cares. 2, ok, so you got lucky? 3 superbowls, maybe he just got on the right team? 4, ok im starting to be a believer... 5, uh, can you really argue here? 6.. ok, now its insane.

i know you keep saying rings aint everything, but is it anything? is it something?

when you look at all the factors that go into a player getting injuried, wouldnt looking at this guys resume eliminate him has a potential problem? its not just the rings, but the orginazations in which he worked, and the respect, and the reputation he earned has well.

maybe im putting to much into SIX FREAKIN SUPERBOWLS, but then again, maybe your not putting enough into it.

the new cba, the limited practices, perhaps the players attitude, drafting guys with history of injuries, all, IMO are bigger factors then mike.
Well maybe he should concentrate on keeping players healthy and on the field then. I assume just like Doug Free JJ gave him a nice contract and now he spends his time beating his meat in his office. He is the S&C coach and he has RB's and Wr's who can't pass a conditioning test some blame falls on the players and equal on him. Maybe even more on him because he has 6 SUPERBOWL rings.