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View Poll Results: Who Wins the Best of 7 Series?

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  • Jamaica J-Bay's

    28 50.91%
  • Tuscaloosa Twats

    23 41.82%
  • GM's

    4 7.27%
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    That Ramrod team should've won. They had a great team and the GMs had great bodies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twitchy View Post
    It's a crock to point out that none of Jamaica's pitchers are remotely healthy and wouldn't last the season? I didn't realize pointing out the flaws in opposing teams was considered a faux pas. Especially when Pettite (75 innings) and Santana (117 in 2012) can't really be expected to make an impact in October at this point in their careers.

    And if you want to argue post season effectiveness then let's not forget that Marcum and Latos were pretty brutal.

    I'm not surprised by the voting but what I am surprised by is how everybody is just ignoring the fact that Jamaica's entire pitching staff are virtually all coming off major injuries in 2012. If you want to argue Stras is an injury risk go for it, but he was healthy for 2012, unlike De La Rosa (TJ) or Santana or Marcum or Pettite who all missed significant time due to injury.

    Jamaica's lineup is good, but it's not good enough to overcome 4 major injuries like that.

    Edit: Congrats to Jamaica on putting together a quality squad.
    Unfortunately, we're to assume that each player is indeed healthy, no matter what you want to presume.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDIsMyGod23 View Post
    Closer than I thought it was going to be.
    Same. I think VRP gave people too much credit. Luckily there were more smart people than stupid people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superdude View Post
    Unfortunately, we're to assume that each player is indeed healthy, no matter what you want to presume.
    This is right from the rules, actually:

    (2) Injuries: If a player has a history of injuries , a chronic injury issue, and/or is coming off a substantial injury (ie, just coming back from TJ, or a 2012 season injury or whatever) he is safe to be drafted, however, he is not to be treated as having a clean bill of health for 2013 in this draft. Example would be a guy like Grady Sizemore. He may very well be healthy in 2013 but based off his history he's a guy people are allowed to judge by their opinion on his health.
    Since the redraft is over I'll unstick it.

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