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He hasn't been the same since his first hip surgery. What makes anyone think that he'll return to superstar form after his second hip surgery.

Stick a fork in him...
He was not right after his first surgery because all along he was developing a problem on the other side which they only found recently and were shocked.

When that is healed, barring complications he will be turning on 90+ fastballs, smoking them deep into the bullpen. His arms, wrists and hands are fine and bat speed is not his problem. The hips not working have been the problem. Also he came back from a broken hand that was not 100%. Good enough to play but not 100% and surely not enough to make up for a damaged hip.

People may hate him but he works his butt off. He will be back and back big time and Yankee fans will be doing a jig and even haters will have to admit how freakin good he is.