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That's laughable. But not that laughable. Only reason Knight had better stats is because he shot more and played more.
The dude lead all rookies in minutes and shot attempts and still played historically bad.

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Well since you wanted to bring my name up-

You are posting an article about Knights assist percentage from last year. This year its 29%. Billups career average is 28.4%.
Gators you and I both know that most of our games have been blow outs either by us or by the other team. And you and I both know that a lot of Knights "game" came in during garbage time.

His assist mark last year was historically low, that should tell you something

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You sound dumb & this discussion wasn't about knight being a pure pg it was about him being a pg scoring or pure. You also said billups was a pure pg lol when he is a scoring pg just like knight rose westbrook holiday Irving so what are u talking about???
LOLL! You just said that this discussion wasn't about Knight being a pure pg and then proceeded to say that this is about him being a pure pg ...

Mike, you don't have to average a million assists to be considered a pure point guard. Carmelo is known as a pure scorer but he never once lead the league in scoring.

Why don't you answer my question? The last year w/ billups we were top 10 in assists, the very next year when he got traded and replaced w/ stuckey we ranked 2nd to last in assists. EXPLAIN THAT!!