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Seems to me his power is to right and center. Doesn't bode well for lots of HR at fenway, maybe a lot of doubles. Or he could take to the papi of recent and try to pepper the wall.
Yeah LaRoche has been getting shreadded by a few around here for some time:

1. too old (right at the edge of his decline)
2. coming off his best year ever
3. a very average career
4. his power is centered on RC the absolute worst place in Fenway. He played here briefly and showed that he might hit 45 2B here, but might have a heck of a time even getting to 18 HRs.

No thanks on LaRoche. As I've suggested for a few weeks, cut guaranteed money to Napoli, fill in with bonus money for PA or games played. Both sides need the other unless Napoli cannot play at all.