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    Quote Originally Posted by SirHizz View Post
    How do you know? I doubt he's getting 6 years, can't see it. And for the last 3 years, he's been pretty good and consistent (17m$ earned per year) and is still "only" 28 years old. To be honest, I wouldn't have a huge problem giving Sanchez 4/60
    Sanchez is not a premium SP.

    His ERA+ the last 4 years: 111, 117, 106, 105

    that makes him a good #2 the first 2 years and a OK #3 the 2nd two - he's no ace, and has never been an ace - not by his percentages or results. He does throw innings, which is valuable, but doesn't make him an ace on its own.

    He is now the "premium" SP on the market with multiple teams seeking his services.

    He will get more than 4/60, 5/85 seems closer to the mark.

    He'll be 29 before the season starts.

    So as I said. He's cashing in because of a weak market AND he's hardly elite like his price tag. True when I wrote it, and true now.
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    6/27/09: “We expect [Rondo] to play by the rules and be a leader as a point guard. We need him to be more of a leader,” Ainge said. “There were just a couple situations where he was late this year, I don’t know if he was sitting in his car, but showed up late and the rest of the team was there. We have team rules and you have to be on time. He was fined for being late, he said he was stuck in traffic, and it’s just unacceptable.”

    told you all since 2010 he was a toolbag.....

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