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I've been reading 3yrs $30 mil for Victorino so I thought it would be better to overpay a little for 2 years instead of 3. Either way I think he would be trade bait after the first year when Jackie Bradley Jr is ready anyway. I think the same could be done with Haren. If he has a bounce back year and the Sox are out of it in July, he could net a nice return. That's why I favor 1 and 2 year deals for vets this off-season, because if we aren't serious contenders like most of us believe, these guys can help get us even more future parts if we sell them off.
Still taking a risk that both Haren and Victorino will be desirable in a trade. Also taking a risk the JBJ is going to be an actual ML player - although no matter what we do, it looks like that theory is going to be tested out.

Getting cheaper two year players cuts the potential we get back in deal, but also protects us a lot better against failure/injury.