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    Quote Originally Posted by EddieR19 View Post
    Depends on if you want simplicity (iPhone) or customization (android). Both are great in their own ways. I lean towards android and specifically the Nexus 4.
    I've never really understood why everyone says the iphone is so much simpler than an android phone. I'm the only one in my family on an android phone, and it seems way simpler to use than an iphone. Maybe that was the case 3-4 years ago, but not any more.

    (this isn't a knock on you personally, it just reminded me of the fact that the statement doesn't make sense to're an android user, so obviously you're not just saying "omg android so complicated, it sucks" like a lot of people who say that)

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    Oct 2010
    So I (earlier today) got a S3 for like $50 from Best Buy. I like it.

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