Firstly - I'm not calling anyone out for a low post-count.

I just thought it was funny that the first two responses were from people who don't post often.

I'm concerned with what people write, not how often they write.

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Do any of you see this team

Of course we stink, this wasn't getting turned around this year guys. I am as sorry as any other fan but we were not going to make any noise this year.

A different coach doesn't get the players to magically catch passes and not make bonehead mistakes out on the field.

This players on this squad are a bunch of under performing clowns that can't get it done.

You can't coach stupid which is what this team is full of for the most part.
Randy, thank you.

I'm calming down a bit in regards to DA.

I'm mostly concerned that the Raiders stick with Dennis Allen - who is, in fact, incompetent - for another year, putting the rebuilding process back a year or two.