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    No thank you I'll take Garrett over Reid....Sean Payton is the only other coach I see leading the Cowboys if not Garrett. Personally, I'd like Herm Edwards just because I like the emotion he brings to the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_prodigy View Post
    no thank you i'll take garrett over reid....sean payton is the only other coach i see leading the cowboys if not garrett. Personally, i'd like herm edwards just because i like the emotion he brings to the game.

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    I bleed silver and blue. The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite sports team. If they signed Andy Reid...I couldn't watch them. I had a hard time when Tom Landry got fired. I would jump off that quick. JG is staying put...but if I wanted any of the available coaches I would take 1) Gruden 2) Holmgren. Other than those two...forget it.

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    I've been flip flopping on JG all year, but I truly think this team needs some consistency. I say hold on to him for another year, and see where it gets us. If there's another .500 season in 2013, then it's time to exit stage left. Other than Payton, Holmgren and Gruden, I don't find anyone else to be better for this team.

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    Andy Reid wants to coach the cowboys

    I actually wouldn't mind Zimmer since he has a history with some of our veterans. It would take a complete blow up of our coaching staff but he would do great since he he is still hungry to have success. I just think Cowher is comfy in the studio and is smart enough to not take this job with Jerry calling the shots. I think he ends up in Carolina.

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