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It will be very interesting to see what happens this week. I truly couldn't stomach another stupid Sanchez INT/fumble - I just can't. I would think that REX would give this game to McElroy - although unless you think McElroy is the reincarnation of Tom Brady (BTW - Brady was rated with good arm strength, and mechanics, but was thought of as a weak athlete) - and he is very smart, and is REX telling the truth about McElroy's arm-strength, "I never knew someone could improve their arm strength so much in the off-season."? - not by what I saw in Cortland, and in the game. I hope so because he does not have a strong arm, I mean, he threw that 3rd and 8 to S. Hill as hard as he could (great catch BTW from Hill, and also that 1 handed catch Kerley made - best catches of the year), and it was not smoking, HOWEVER, he's smart, and accurate throwing it short, and most people can heave it up high long, whether they can be accurate, or not is another thing. The biggest knock on McElroy coming out of college was his arm strength and his inability to hit the deep throws, and he had Julio Jones, so that's saying a lot. He is NEVER going to "stroke it, and smoke it," especially "outside the numbers," but who knows.

I actually think we all know that Greg McElroy is probably never going to be a big-time QB, but hey - you never know.

Mark Sanchez was placed in a bad situation - especially this year with poor offensive talent, Tony Sparano as OC - but the thing that killed him was bringing in Tim Tebow. I think Sanchez is probably ruined forever as a JET, and if so - fine, let's move on. I think Sanchez is a great kid, like many of us do, and played some of the greatest games in Jet History, and there are so many "what if's," but there comes a time when you have to move on.

I don't know how we can get rid of him, realistically, and unless REX really thinks he can over-come this, I don't see how he can be on the team next year. I guess, no matter what happens for the rest of the year - we have to dump Tebow (I'm not a hater, but I don't see Tim Tebow EVER being a good NFL QB - I could be wrong, but.....), bring in the best we can without wasting significant resources, continue to build this offense: (order of offense priority, but NOT necessarily draft picks except WR - 1st WR, 2nd RB, 3rd RT - and add LBs, a Safety, and somehow get someone that can rush the passer), and then have an open competition for QB, and just wait for the chance when we think we see our "Great QB," and hopefully the team will be ready to mature with him.

I see everyone is blaming the acquisition of Tebow for Mark's problems. I don't agree. I do recall nearly everyone claiming that Mark had been coddled with Brunell as his backup. Well, the team listened and provided him with some competition and now everyone is blaming that move. I think we should stop making excuses for Mark. He's been given a lot of opportunity to succeed (Edwards, Holmes, Keller, running game, good defense, etc..), more than many QB's are given the luxury of, and at some point, your QB needs to make the team better not vice versa. Four years and counting and what is the finished product? Not very impressive.

It's time some accountability is placed on Mark, not everyone else. He should be making better reads, checking down to an open man, showing pocket presence, throwing the ball away....all the things a young veteran should have command of after 4 years of taking all the first team snaps and playing all the games including playoff games. I'm very disappointed in his progression and don't really see this changing anytime soon which is exactly what I stated this past offfseason when many of us were arguing the merits of chasing Peyton Manning, which I was for.

As many promised, the stats showed that the biggest improvement in QB's took place between the 3rd and 4th year. That's garbage.