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In a sense i feel bad for sanchez because i wanted him to be the guy more than anyone, hes just not doing it. Brandon Moore was quoted saying this about McElroy "He's Confident, Borderline Cocky". Im happy for the kid, and thats what we need as a team. IDC if he cant throw a 60 yard bomb, If he is smart and makes the throws he needs to im cool with that. The arizona game was an indication of how sanchez just doesn't have it. The first Pick was so bad I wanted McElroy to go after that rite away. On the Last drive when McElroy was putting the game away he rolled out and didnt see an open receiver and threw it away. When he did that rather than force a **** throw into coverage I was so happy. Lol the little things in life!
Yeah I like that quote from Moore too. I think it's important for a QB to have that self-confidence. That can be a contagious quality. He def put some life into his unit. He comes from a good program in Alabama. He was a winner there.

Right now, for this offense, the way it's built he doesn't need to be able to make the big play but make the right one and I think he can do that consistently.