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I agree with Leo that Hughes will be dealt, it makes alot of sense. When you look at the players salaries for 2013 and know they don't want to exceed 189 mil, you see that it's the only way.
ARod 29. Jeter 17. Kuroda 15. Logan 2.8. Gardner 2.8. Phelps .6
Teix. 23.125. Grandy 15. Pett. 12. Hughes 5.7. Robertson 2.7. Ardsma .5
CC. 23. Cano 15. Mo. 10. Joba. 1.8. Nunez .628 Nova .626
With Whiteside/Romine/Cervelli/Stewart fighting it out for the 2 catching spots totaling 1.2 mil.
Bringing back Chavez and Ibanez at 1mil a piece and Ichiro at probably 8 mil( there was a rumor of 1yr/5 mil--I doubt that)
Would leave us at 189mil but with only 23 players. So in order to get to 25, we need to deal someone. Dealing Hughes and putting Eppley and Rapada at .600 ea. Would give us about 4.5 mil to use on our 25th player whether it be Drew or Victorino on a back laden contract.
We'd go with CC,Kuroda,Pettitte,Phelps and Nova in the rotation if we don't bring in some guys to fight for those last 2 spots i.e. Lannan,Karstens,Wang,Jurrjens,Pelfrey or Lowe.
I dot think we have to be at 189 this season..