A couple weeks ago Casey was on Primetime Sports and Bobcat had asked him about Andrea's struggles. Casey defended Andrea by acknowledging that he is no longer the first option of the team and because of Lowry, the team put in a whole new offensive system.

The coach went on to say that they did not have time to put in the Dallas offense which was what they used last season. The Raptors used this offense to get Andrea the same type of looks Dirk gets on the court.

We all saw what Andrea did in the first 13 games last season and all hoped that he will continue to play at that level but he's been terrible to this point and Casey has not helped at all. This is not an excuse but I just don't get how you don't put in the offense that helped our most vital player play at his highest level and essentially provide us the best opportunity to win games. I don't understand that thinking what so ever and would like to read your thoughts on this.