Hello all,

After reading this forum for awhile, I decided to create this thread to let you know that I strongly believe that we will still make the playoffs. Let me first say that I predicted the playoffs under Ryan and Sanchez rookie year when we were 4-6 and everyone (including alot of Jet fans) laughed at me and thought I was crazy. Needless to say, we finished 9-7 and went to the AFC Championship game. I will say the same thing I said that year, we will make the playoffs. I guarantee it. We are currently 4-7 so it is vital that we win out which I think is very possible. We have had one of the toughest schedules so far this season and now for the rest of the way we have a favorable schedule. Here is my thinking:

5. Colts (7-4) - Lions L, Titans W, Texans L, Chiefs W, Texans L (9-7)

6. Steelers (6-5) - Ravens L, Chargers W, Cowboys L, Bengals W, Browns W

7. Bengals (6-5) - Chargers L, Cowboys L, Eagles W, Steelers L, Ravens L (7-9)

8. Dolphins (5-6) - Patriots L, 49ers L, Jaguars W, Bills W, Patriots L (7-9)

9. Chargers (4-7) - Bengals W, Steelers L, Panthers W, Jets L, Raiders W (7-9)

10. Titans (4-7) - Texans L, Colts L, Jets L, Packers L, Jaguars W (5-11)

11. Jets (4-7) - Cardinals W, Jaguars W, Titans W, Chargers W, Bills W (9-7)

12. Bills (4-7) - Jaguars W, Rams W, Seahawks L, Dolphins L, Jets L (6-10)

This is a very strong possiblity and since we beat IND earlier this season, we will clinch a wild card berth along with PIT. Have some faith!! The jets are not done yet... I guarantee it! CAN'T WAIT!!!