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    Very reminiscent of the light switch Lakers that won the title with an elite defense and then coasted all year up until the 15-1 stomping of the playoffs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slug3 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Hustla23 View Post
    If you think the personnel changes doesn't affect the defense either currently or possibly in the future, then well you're free to think so.
    What has changed though from last year? We don't have Romney turiaf?
    No we added Ray and Rashard, who aren't exactly great defenders lol. Still, we're a better defensive team than we've shown, and the personnel we have out there in all honesty shouldn't be having this much of an impact given our defensive system. If we give the effort necessary, we're just as good defensively as we were last year if not better.

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    The Heat broke into the Top 20 in defensive efficiency after tonight and will play Washington on Tuesday. Knicks after that.
    Miami will be top 10 in defense after this month.

    Don't fool yourself, this team can lock you down when they need to, and no one is stopping lebron from getting a good shot.

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