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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravo95 View Post
    Has ND played a team this season that you believe is pound-for-pound better than Bama and/or UF? If the answer is yes, I'd like to know which team that is. If the answer is no, crying about schedules and how teams won makes you look ridiculous, and the bottom line would be that just to get to the title game UGA had to go through two teams who are better than anyone the Irish have played. Am I whining about having to play Bama and UF? Nope, because I'm used to UGA having to go through one or more legitimate title contenders every season. The only person whining right now is someone whose team did not have to play two current Top 3 teams just to get to Miami. And guess what? I STILL believe Notre Dame deserves to be there.
    whats your point? UGA didn't ge tthroughb them, hence why they are at home on janaury 7th. georgia may have played two top 3 teams, but they didn;t play much else after that. ND had 9 or 10 teams on their scheudle this eyar that are bowl eligible, and no divsion 1 double As. UGA ahd to ge tup for 2 or 3 games this year, and for the msot part they didn't.

    and stop with the i look ridiculous stuff. no one looks more ridiculous than you, dismissing NDs wins over Oklahoma as landry jones having a history of blowing it and the numbr 8 team in the coutry being someone no one gives a **** about (despite you clealrly valueing the rankings when they help your cause)

    o and the funny thing about stanford. you know who gives a **** about them? Alabama, becuase if it wasn;t for stanford they would not be in the title game january 7th
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