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It wasn't from fan questions; it was from direct comments about ABTY and MB that were bulls--t to begin with. ABTY apologized, chalked it by to extreme overwork, MB basically told whomever to go f themselves, (rightfully so. IMO)

To be honest, IMO everything you just wrote is a joke and so far from the point it's laughable. They do 'us' a free service, who the f--k are we do take out our dismay with the organization on them. They are sources, not 'the source' and have nothing to do with the lack of movement for the team, although some seem to act as if they do.

Your thicker skin comment is condescending and d-bagish. Part of the problem not the solution my friend.
Reading comprehension is a skill and I will chalk this up to you not having any. I never once said that direct ignorient comments to either of them was acceptable. Anyone that takes out there frustraion with the cubs on them is a moron. I asked what thread and page the comments were on because I assumed they were mad at the fact that people were asking them questions. I did not know that people were bashing them. That is just dumb. My comments were in refrence to yesterday when people were saying not to ask them questions and to leave them alone. That is what I thought your post was refrencing as well. If it is the case that they got upset becasue we asked them questions then I would ask them not to post because it comes with the territory. If people are bashing them and that is why they should shut up and chill out. We are lucky to have them to give us such good info. Either way you need to relax and not be a internet tough guy.