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    2012 Winter Meetings Rumors & Discussion (12/2 - 12/6)


    For a detailed schedule of events please click here.

    2800 Opryland Drive
    Nashville, TN 37214
    Phone: (615) 889-1000

    Thursday, December 6 - 9:00am
    Pick		Team	Player		        Position   Former Team
    2		CHC	H. Rendon		RHP		CLE
    9		ARI		S. Peralta		RHP		CHC
    16		HOU		M. Burgess		OF		CHC
    26		STL		M. Cerda		3B		CHC
    36		TOR		A. Jimenez		RHP		CHC

    [Nate Schierholtz] is expected to be the Cubs' primary right fielder in 2013. (J. Rogers, 12/6)

    Alfonso Soriano wouldn't be bad fit for the Phillies (or several other teams). (Heyman, 12/6)

    Hearing [the Cubs] are getting, um, very creative about filling Josh Donaldson shifting from C to 3rd type A's crazy. Steve Clevenger... Not likely to happen, but they are, um, most definitely covering all their bases. Idea tossed around, not a plan put into place... That said, don't be surprized to see Clevenger make the roster as a 3rd C, backup corner IF/OF type. (TY, 12/5)

    KC/CHC has talked at least twice today...Barney [is] a player I know KC has interest in. (TY, 12/5)

    Mark Reynolds still is on the radar. (Sullivan, 12/5)

    Casey McGehee's agent, Barry Meister, said the former Brewers protege of Cubs manager Dale Sveum would love to return to his original franchise. But the Cubs haven't shown interest, and McGehee clearly is a fallback. (Sullivan, 12/5)

    Dempster not likely to return, source says. Doesn't fit into Cubs plans, dollar-wise or length-wise. (Sullivan, 12/5)

    Schierholtz gets $2.25M guaranteed big league deal plus $500K in incentives, source says. (Crasnick, 12/5)

    Report of Cubs-Dempster talks grossly misrepresents their nature. Negotiations not happening. Reunion implausible. (Wittenmyer, 12/5)

    Nate Schierholtz has agreed on 1 year deal with Cubs, source says. (Crasnick, 12/5)

    The agent for free agent pitcher Ryan Dempster has had conversations with the Cubs about a possible return to Chicago, according to major league sources. A source said that an offer has not been made by Cubs executives as of Wednesday, but money and length of contract has been discussed. (J. Rogers, 12/5)

    Cubs and Ryan Dempster's agent talking parameters of deal. No direct offer yet. (Levine, 12/5)

    Cubs have offers out there for free agents. Pitching will be priority in rule 5 draft. Cubs have second pick. (Levine, 12/5)

    Cubs 3B options? Cross off Keppinger, Chavez. Youkilis is not a fit. Betancourt, McGehee don't appear to interest them. (Mooney, 12/5)

    Cubs did talk to free agents Keppinger, Chavez, who both signed today. Betancourt not in mix. No 3B yet. Hoyer says: "We'll keep looking." (Muskat, 12/5)

    Teams have approached the Cubs about acquiring their No. 2 pick in Rule 5 Draft tomorrow. Hoyer says they'll study options tonight. (Muskat, 12/5)

    Hoyer admitted they were in on Keppinger and Chavez but lost out on both. It's simple, they won't overpay cause they aren't final pieces. (J. Rogers, 12/5)

    Cubs have not met with [Kevin] Youkilis' agent. (Wittenmyer, 12/5)

    Cubs last night assured Marmol he'll open season as closer but prepared him for trading-deadline move. (Wittenmyer, 12/5)

    Mark Reynolds made $7.5M this year. He's looking for a similar deal. (Hoch, 12/5)

    Free agent Jason Grilli and agent Gary Sheffield are on the scene in Nashville. Sounds like they could have a deal by tonight. (Morosi, 12/5)

    This FO is all about finding what is being undervalued at the moment. While OBP will likely never be 'over valued' the rest of the league has caught up in that department. (TY, 12/5)

    Cubs have spoken to Royals about... Jeff Francoeur. Believe it to be more of a 'check in' conversation then a 'go ahead and make this happen' deal. (TY, 12/5)

    [Jeff Francoeur] is (extremely) flawed however if used in a proper platoon and as a late inning defensive replacement, IMO he may be a bit undervalued. Him and say Nyjer Morgan may actually produce slightly above league average if used correctly, which is a completely different issue all together ... I'd rather have Francoeur and say Nate Schierholtz for 2 years and likely under 8M per than Victorino for three years 13M per all day everyday. (TY, 12/5)

    Think this season is the one where come July, you'll start to see a serious asset uptick. From what I'm hearing, they (FO) are still attempting to weed everything out that they feel needs to be before they'll be ready to seriously contend. Also heard that Theo was a bit taken aback by just how much infrastructure work needed to be done and is open to a 2 year extension to compensate for 'lost time'. (TY, 12/4)

    Marlins wouldn't back off of Junior Lake for Escobar, which the front office obviously felt was too steep consider the amount of negatives involved with Escobar. (TY, 12/4)

    Mark Reynolds has a nice market. Cubs, Yankees, Indians, Marlins, Mariners, Orioles, Rays, plus. (Heyman, 12/4)

    Jeff Keppinger said looking for close to $12M plus for 3 years. Had nice year in Tampa. Yankees like. (Heyman, 12/4)

    Michael Bowden is having a great winter in the Dominican as a starting pitcher but the Cubs still see him in the bullpen. Epstein: “We're looking at him as a reliever. It is good that he's getting stretched out this winter. It gives us some options if we have an injury in the rotation." (P. Rogers, 12/4)

    The Cubs are interested in almost all the free agent outfielders. (Levine, 12/4)

    It doesn't look like the Cubs have the type of moveable parts to acquire a top starting pitcher. (Levine, 12/4)

    The Cubs are looking for ... credible starting pitchers. Their main concern is guys who give them between 175-200 innings. (Levine, 12/4)

    A major league official said the Cubs have interest in [Jason Grilli] but nothing is close. (Levine, 12/4)

    Zero chance [the Cubs play on Greinke]. It's not the time to invest $25 million a year on starting pitching. (Levine, 12/4)

    They may make a [Rule 5 Draft] pick or they may sell their pick. They have the ability to trade that pick for another player and/or cash. (Levine, 12/4)

    Betancourt would be Iowa filler - the vet type signed every year (last year it was Almenzga). It's not a big deal. He offers defensive versatility and MLB experience, something(s) that are usually solid attributes to a MiLB roster. (TY, 12/4)

    One option the Cubs are considering for third base is free agent Yuniesky Betancourt. Former Cubs shortstop Alex Gonzalez now represents Betancourt, and met with Theo Epstein about the infielder. (Muskat, 12/4)

    Indians have emerged as a prime suitor for Victorino. Red Sox, Cubs and Yankees also checking in. Braves and Reds not so much. Phillies interest is tepid. (Crasnick, 12/4)

    Cubs interested in David Murphy of the Rangers, likely as the everyday RF. (TY, 12/4)

    Cubs spoke to Boras today (again). The consensus is Edwin Jackson is the target. (TY, 12/4)

    Ian Stewart, who recently got a clean bill of health with his hand/wrist problems, suddenly has drawn wide interest from teams looking for 3B. (Nightengale 12/4)

    According to the San Francisco Chronicle, White Sox and Cubs are among at least eight teams with an interest in free agent Brandon McCarthy. (P. Rogers, 12/4)

    Cubs, Athletics, Rays and Yankees have checked in on Yunel Escobar, who is available. (Heyman, 12/4)

    Cubs talked to: Atlanta, Tampa and the Dodgers today, along with agent Casey Close and [Scott] Boras; very busy day all around. Continue to hear this place is a powder keg right now - a massive amount of 'almost there' deals in place. (TY, 12/3)

    The Cubs will monitor everything, but not feel the same urgency as those teams in win-now mode. Someone else will win the Josh Hamilton and Zack Greinke sweepstakes. (Mooney, 12/3)

    Sources indicated that the Cubs are not after Michael Bourn. (Mooney, 12/3)

    [The Cubs] have interest in at least one left-handed pitcher. Washington non-tendered lefties Tom Gorzelanny and John Lannan, both of whom the Cubs talked to the Nationals about earlier this year. (Wittenmyer, 12/3)

    Signing a "setup-type reliever ... with closing experience" doesn't preclude keeping Marmol as the Cubs try to strengthen the bullpen. (Wittenmyer, 12/3)

    Another Cubs honcho also suggested Fujikawa is not necessarily viewed as the Cubs' closer. (Wittenmyer, 12/3)

    Theo still looking to add to Cubs rotation, but "we can kind of relax and pick our spots and don’t necessarily have to be desperate.” (Mooney, 12/3)

    Cubs still looking at options at 3B. Ian Stewart could come back. Also could go with platoon. (Muskat, 12/3)

    Theo says number of free agents have expressed interest in Cubs. (Muskat, 12/3)

    Theo on rumors of Soriano being shopped: "We really value what he's done," but Cubs told him they'll listen and keep him informed. (Wittenmyer, 12/3)

    Cubs opened off-season with CF need but have shifted focus to RF, taking into consideration the market and DeJesus' ability to play CF. (Wittenmyer, 12/3)

    Theo just talked. No surprise Big name free agents still off in the distance. He's not philosophically opposed to platoons at 3rd or OF. (J. Rogers, 12/3)

    Sounds like will make a move or two. Kind of closing in. Maybe lefty reliever and/or non tendered player from other team. (J. Rogers, 12/3)

    Theo says Cubs still interested in bringing back non-tendered 3B Ian Stewart. (Sullivan, 12/3)

    Source: Cubs have told Marmol he's trade candidate but they won't "give him away." (Wittenmyer, 12/3)

    Cubs talking to many agents about bullpen help. Former White Sox pitcher Jason Grilli on the list of relievers they like. (Levine, 12/3)

    Heard Marmol's name to San Diego rumored as well. (TY, 12/2)

    Jason Grilli could be next. (MB, 12/1)

    Fun fact: Cubs still looking into Mike Adams and Francisco Rodriguez... (TY, 12/1)

    The Cubs could be dark horses on Bourn. (MB, 11/30)

    Indians, Cubs have had deep conversations on deal(s)... Choo a target. (TY, 11/30)

    Cubs have checked in on Fowler. (TY, 11/30)

    Cubs/Yankees spoke (again) yesterday. (TY, 11/30)

    [Bourn will] be an extra year plus a pretty easily reachable kick in year on top of BJ least thats what he's asking. (TY, 11/30)

    Team is attempting to unload Marmol (again). (TY, 11/28)

    Liriano was offered the exact same contract as Feldman, turned it down. (TY, 11/28)

    McCarthy is waiting for Greinke to sign... smart, mainly because I keep hearing him attached to the Angels now. (TY, 11/28)

    Just to add to the discussion the Cubs are shopping Barney pretty heavy. (MB, 11/28)

    Heard the Cubs are in on Yunel Escobar - pretty far along. (TY, 11/28)

    A far more interesting, albeit far less sexy, conversation could be made for why has this FO spent so much phone time with the Yankees this past week? (TY, 11/25)

    Cleveland, KC and Texas were all willing to deal for Garza at the deadline and all have seen his medicals. (TY, 11/20)

    Stewart will cost very little and likely will be brought back if for no other reason than depth (wouldn't be surprised if he started the year in Iowa to get his 'timing back') (TY, 11/19)

    Maybe Soriano to TB. (TY, 11/18)

    Cubs have had discussions with the Indians about Lonnie Chisenhall and Ubaldo Jimenez, possibly in the same deal... just GM Meetings talk, nothing concrete. (TY, 11/9)

    Interesting tidbit... Cubs are interested in adding picks this draft- with none coming via free agency, I wouldn't be shocked if they made a deal with Texas that included their possible comp pick if they lose Hamilton. (TY, 11/3)

    I wouldn't be shocked if the Angels still pursued Marmol heavily... Same goes for the Yankees who will want closer experience in their setup man this upcoming season. (TY, 11/3)

    Hearing it's likely the Cubs land one of the Mike Adams/Francisco Rodriguez/Koji Uehara type group to plug in as Closer, likely flipping at the deadline. (TY, 11/3)

    Hearing the Barney 'market' is actually rather high- many teams have (finally) started to put an everyday starting 2B value to him (most of last year, many scouts told me their organization viewed Barney as a utility player on the value chart) An everyday starting 2B value is enough to land a solid SP from a pitching rich organization. (TY, 11/1)

    Buckle up boys...a LOT (more than any other team) of chatter at the Old Maid table about Cubs activity this offseason. (TY, 10/29)

    Hearing the team has had talks with Rays about pitching, Jeff Niemann in particular. (TY, 10/26)

    Our Man in Nashville
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