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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymfan87 View Post

    Put simply, it's because you're better off delaying your expenditures as long as possible.

    Example: let's say you buy a TV for $1,000. You can pay for it all in cash today, or you can pay for it all in cash a year from now.

    If you pay cash today, you spend $1,000. Duh.

    If you wait a year from now, you can take that $1,000 you would have spent the day you bought the TV into some form of investment making a 5% return. At the time of the payment being due, you now have $1,050 dollars but your payment is still only $1,000. You walk out $50 richer than if you had just paid cash the day you bought it. Just imagine that on a much, much larger scale.
    That's a good example..except...if you are deferring a payment on that TV then you are probably paying a finance charge which will be MUCH higher than the interest you made on investing the $1000 LOL I'm sure that isn't the case with a MLB contract just the geek in me needed to point that out

    but that aside....I sort of just think the perception needs to change, I can't name even a handful of contracts which were backloaded that panned out for a team, I'm sure there are more than a few...and the ratio has to be in favor of doing so or why would teams keep doing it? Maybe it's just because the media shows up the ones that don't? ...I'm too lazy to do the work and research it though LOL

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    In the outfield, only leftfielder Lucas Duda appears to be an everyday option, and he faces health questions after injuring his wrist while moving furniture during the offseason. The Mets, the source said, might even accumulate a mix of platoon players in a piecemeal attempt to fill the vacancies.

    Catcher remains an area of need but the free-agent market is thin and prices have risen accordingly. Meanwhile, the Mets must also fill out their bullpen.
    With so many needs, the Mets have also been eyeing potential trades.

    As expected, the source said the Mets regard promising young pitchers Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler as their only untouchables in trade talks.

    Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey remains in negotiations with the Mets, and according to a source, there is a possibility a deal will get done early this week. However, if an agreement can't be reached, the pitcher would attract plenty of suitors on the trade market.

    Niese, first baseman Ike Davis, and reliever Bobby Parnell could also make for pieces in a trade package. Meanwhile, rival talent evaluators have raved about the quality of the Mets' pitching in the lower levels of the minor leagues, another potential reservoir for the Mets to tap.

    As is the case with most teams, the Mets began various early trade conversations at last month's GM meetings, with the expectation that some of them might heat up during the winter meetings. Most talks don't lead to trades, though according to the source, "there's been a lot of groundwork."
    I don't have a problem with backloading deals as long as you don't have too many of those type of contracts because they can end up handcuffing us financially if they all have similar length.

    Saying that, if that needs to be done to pick up an OF/OFs that can help significantly so be it. The Mets only have 2 players under contract after next year to this point so obligation to payroll isn't a huge issue.

    As for the article, love the part i highlighted and hate the part where they will be looking for platoon players throughout the OF.

    If you want Reed Johnson to platoon with Kirk that's fine to me, but i think they need a starting RF who can hit if they are going to play Duda in LF.
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