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Prospects are just that. Prospects. Even the best prospects fail sometimes. And because of that, you have to pay a high price if u want. Cy Young pitcher who's been good for a few years and keeps getting better. Age matters little here, as he doesn't have many career innings and virtually no wear and tear.
I'm a big advocate of trading for Dickey, even at a high price tag... so you don't have to talk to me about his age or being a knuckleballer, I know lots about his background. I'd also be annoyed by other fans using the "1 good year argument" which is bogus... he's been good for 3 years now....

But if you think you're going to get d'Arnaud, Gose and Sanchez for him then I'm sure every team will just tell you to keep him. Same with Olt, Perez, <someone> from the Rangers and any other top 3 prospects you can list from other farm systems. It just doesn't make any sense, teams have learned from their past mistakes selling the farm for one player in a contract year.

So, as I said in my previous post that bares repeating - keep him... don't give him his very reasonable contract demands and let him walk for nothing. I swear I feel like a broken record, I had the EXACT same arguments with Met fans when Reyes was about to be a free agent and I was told "good - we like him anyways so we want to keep him". That's great.... I hope the one year of Dickey puts fans in the seats, win/win for everyone involved.