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Come on, that wouldn't be enough to get you Dillon Gee. Both those guys (Arencibia + Gose) look like backups at this point.
You saw what Martin went as a free agent right (8.5 million per)? JPA might not be in our plans longterm because we have best catching prospect in baseball behind him but that doesn't mean he doesn't have value.

Especially, considering he's cheap and under control until 2017. He's not even arb eligible until after next season.

Gose was rushed through the system because he was extremely advanced for his age. He's not a backup CF. He has the tools of an allstar CF.

If you are going by his pure Minor league numbers to make that evaluation you are a fool. He was playing against players 2-3 years older then him his entire Minor League career.

Now individual scouts will commonly vary wildly on each player. If the Mets scouts don't like Gose for whatever reason, fine. But that I know from listening to people who have connections to the blue jays (blair, elliot, etc) that the Blue Jays covet Gose and he is ranked highly by their scouts.

BA had him as the 39th best prospect in baseball last season. So the scouts they talked to, didn't see him as a backup going forward either.