i figured i should start this thread because everyone has different ideas on whether we should take a chance on him.

my stance on him from day 1 was, if he is available in the 3rd round, we should take a chance on him.

FA should be used to take care of our Safety issue. the 2nd round should be to find our future RT, and mathiew would be the best available player of need at the 3rd...

he's a kid i root for and want to see succeed because he is a good kid. just had a messed up childhood..
read this..

"Prior to LSU's loss to Alabama in last year's BCS Title game, FoxSports.com writer Thayer Evans wrote a touching piece about Mathieu, whose mother disowned him after his drug-addicted father murdered a man in cold blood.

Then, when Tyrann was 5, his grandfather died of complications from a heart attack and he was taken in and adopted by a loving aunt and uncle.

To this day, Shelia and Tyrone Mathieu recall Tyrann's fragile childhood, when he turned to athletics to curb his confusion.

The second chapter of Mathieu's story is inspiring, as he grew to become a high school star and later, one of college football's most recognizable talents."

here's why i think he wont be a loser...