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    Quote Originally Posted by PC View Post
    Didn't they make it 2 guards 3 forwards? There's no way in hell Chandler's making the team

    What I'm dying to see is James White in the dunk contest. It'd be a travesty if he wasn't a participant
    I personally think there will be at least 1 legit C on each team. If its up to the coaches to decide, Chandler might get the nod over guys like Hibbert and Andy V. Lopez might be tougher to beat out though unless he gets injured/Nets slow down/his scoring numbers dip.

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    I know this is crazy to say but I think if Amare comes back like the beast he was in the past he will be an allstar.

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    Actually, why you guys are arguing over STAT and Chandler, you guys are forgetting the year ray felton is having. Besides D- Will, and maybe Rondo whose team is definitely struggling, Ray has a great shot at making it. Remember that D Rose is out and Felton has a real great opportunity at making it. Plus, you got to realize that Boston is playing horrendous this year so if Rondo does make it, its a mercy pick and neither KG or Pierce are making it, neither is Ray Allen. So Joe Johnson is the only great guard. Montae might be a first timer this year as well. Maybe Jennings but Felton would get the nod over all of them because of his record. Kyrie has been hurt....felton will be an all star this year

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    Since no one other than Melo will get voted in. It's all about who the coaches will pick, the east is set at Guard SO Felton and JR are out no matter how well they play.

    That really only leaves the Coaches to pick Chandler (which would have to be over KG, Varejao, Lopez)

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    2,232 are the guards set in the east?

    D-Will = Starter
    D-Rose = gone
    Wade = starter
    J Johnson = in
    Rondo = ???
    Kyrie Irving = injured

    and then there is a drop off in talent considering the east at guard. Maybe the duo from the Bucks but thats about it and Felton is playing better right now then both of them and we have a better record.

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