I apologize if this has already been posted but, by reading some of these threads, it seems many fans do not get the $189,000,000 cap imposed by lil steinbrenners on Cash.

My understanding is that starting with the 2014 season, if the Yanks spend over $189 mill, they will pay a 50% luxury tax on every dollar that exceeds that cap. If they stay under 189 for 2014 AND 2015, their luxury tax for 2016 will drop to only 17%. That is the balancing act that Cash needs to negotiate. If he is successful, the lid will be off for 2016 contracts and by then we will be rid of the albatrosses of big money contracts to the geriatric set (Jeter, Mo, Tex) and near the end of the horrible Aroid contract.

Unfortunately, some writers have also suggested that the reason for the cap is that Hal & Hank wanna sell the Yanks and a lower salary cost makes the team more attractive to potential buyers....I would hope like hell no cheapskates like CBS buys them or we are in for a rough couple of decades.