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I'm not going to lie. I didn't read most of the posts without any punctuation in this thread.

With that being said, this is not rocket science. the Yankees do 1 year contracts this year, be frugal to get under the 189 and not get taxed out the ***. Once that is over we can spend. It is actually a good time to do this because the free agent market is very weak. Once we get through this one year of 1 year contract vets and scrap heap players we can go back to properly fixing this team. Every year we sign big names and it has given us ONE championship in over a decade. What is one down year going to hurt? We will still make the playoffs.

And please do not talk to me about Hamilton. Signing this guy to ANY kind of lengthy deal is Russian roulette. No one knows what kind of damage he has done to his body through his years of abuse, regardless of his current or future mental state. A lengthy deal is simply NOT worth the gamble. Have we learned nothing from past mistakes? We are all up in arms about Arod, Jeter and soon Teix being over paid with lengthy contracts, so why do we want to do more of that? Simple fact is we don't.

One year and than the real changes will begin. It's a good plan and better than spending like fools.
One year and then what? Go right back to what they were doing so they can be in the same position a few years down the road? The change that needs to be made isnít that they need to bite the bullet for a few years then start over. They need to find more balance in constructing their team. That can start now. Cashman has been quoted saying that if he canít field a competitor with $189 million, he isnít doing his job. Well that includes this year and 2014. Spending big money on free agents has only gotten the Yankees one championship, but playing moneyball has gotten the Aís none and I donít think I have to tell you Billy Beane is probably smarter than Brian Cashman.